About SVA (Stressless Vinyl Application)


SVA is a totally new and innovative method based on the stressless application of various types of cast vinyl from any brand. The method is possible for every type of cast vinyl; we are not associated with specific vinyl manufacturers or brands.

Our aim is not to promote a specific manufacturer so as to sell as much vinyl as possible. Our aim is to give you and/or your company a method to learn which allows you to better serve your customers, with the sole purpose of delivering the highest quality. If we have aroused your interest, then please look at our training page for available dates.


As mentioned above, our techniques are based on applying vinyl on vehicles with as little tension as possible. Since the conventional method is based on stretching the vinyl, this is a reasonable switch in mind-set. Once accustomed to this innovative method, you will be slow to go back to the conventional one.


The benefits of SVA are easy to see. Once you have mastered this method you will have a certain advantage over your competitors. You can say to your customers, “If you hire me to do it, it will never come loose”. Provided the usual conditions are followed of course.
We will go into this clearly in the training. A good end product begins with a good starting product.


Certification will be online only and in the name of one person.  An entry in the list of certified wrappers on our site should function as the proof to your customers.

An actual certificate can be ordered on demand.

License holders

Naturally, our licence holders come from various sectors. A certified wrapper is likely to also be a licence holder, as is the case with a freelancer or one-man business. Sign companies employing their own wrappers can also be licence holders, provided that at least one wrapper is certified. As an incentive to sign companies that do not have their own wrappers, these companies can also acquire a licence, provided they use certified wrappers. In this case, the private login area is a useful tool as proof for both parties.